Cross Finger Tattoo – a symbol of good luck

Cross finger tattoo. Yes, it is not a very common tattoo to see but that, in fact, has its audience. Now, if you ask yourself what kind of person can get cross finger tattoo, the answer is very simple. The one who wants to improve his luck. At the global level we could say that there are several gestures that we can make with the fingers and that are understood by almost any culture. Crossing your fingers is one of them.

Crossing the index finger and heart of either hand is a lucky symbol. It is a gesture that we practically all do when we want something to go well or we want to achieve some goal. Now, there is a much deeper posture around the superstition of crossing fingers. And, of course, cross finger tattoo echo it.

Cross finger tattoo represent

The early Christians were already using this symbolism. And for them, crossing their fingers represented a cross that in the end, is also a sign of protection. Because the early Christians were persecuted and sentenced to death, this symbol was used as a way of recognizing each other in the clandestinity.

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Crossing fingers is a sign of good omen in the world, although it is not so common in Muslim or Buddhist culture, hence this superstition is associated with the Christian religion. With the passing of the centuries another symbolism has been given to this gesture and to this day, it is also said that crossing fingers is a way of wishing luck to another person. Hence the words “cross your fingers to give me luck”.

Pictures of cross finger tattoo