Cross tattoo of life – templar and iron

Cross tattoos have been implanted as a type of design widespread in today’s society. In fact, we have named some types of Cross tattoo in other entries on this website. For example we talked about Greek Cross tattoo in the category of Greek tattoos and we have also talked about Latin Cross tattoo at another time. Therefore, in this entry we will focus on the Cross tattoo of life, the templar Cross tattoo and the iron Cross tattoo.

Cross tattoo symbol

The Cross tattoo of life, also known as Ankh, is an ancient Egyptian symbol closely related to good luck and used as a symbol. It represents the passage from the earthly life to the spiritual life, to the life of the beyond. It is usual to find this type of elements in tombs or sarcophagi and is that as mentioned above faithfully represents the passage from one life to another. Visually it has a very attractive result and personally I think it should be tattooed only in black tones, as it offers a simple yet attractive and meaningful result.

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Another type of Cross tattoo, is the templar Cross tattoo. The Templars were a group of knights who took care of protecting the Christians when they were pilgrims. These types of crosses were the ones that identified these gentlemen. Unlike the type of cross that has been discussed previously, which we are talking about now has many details and offer more complex designs than can offer the Cross tattoo of life.

The iron Cross tattoo is different from the two discussed above. They have a more beautiful finish speaking in visual terms than other types of Cross tattoo, as these can be included in a circle and adapt very well to almost any area of ??the body. The meaning of these types of designs and the values ??attributed to them were those of courage, courage, triumph, strength, loyalty. It has also been related to the German armed forces, so one can tattoo these designs by attending Of completely different meanings.

In conclusion, these types of designs can have a meaning that can fit our tastes and, in addition, visually have a beautiful finish. It should be mentioned that the finish in black tones has a more powerful result, in my opinion and that, unlike other designs would not advise to accompany the crosses with other elements, since they have a meaning in itself that does not need Be reinforced or accompanied.

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The Cross tattoo is the religious sign of excellence. But you are very religious or not, the Cross tattoo are designs that are usually chosen for tattoo. Cross tattoo are very popular among those hardened to religion.