Custom Cupcakes for Baby Shower

If you are attending a baby shower soon and still do not find what to give, this is perfect for you! Why not personalize a gift to share the joy of motherhood? Giving a basket for baby shower is very unique, because you can fill it with a variety of articles and adopt a specific theme.

Baby Shower

I went straight to the baby items aisle to pick several things in order to make three different baskets. One for girl, one for boy, and one neutral for those who have not said what gender the baby is. There is always someone in your life announcing a pregnancy, so having this idea present can be useful.

Here are the items I bought for each basket:

Remember to have pastel colors throughout the basket. I decided to go a step further and decorate mine to make it more attractive by putting it on the gift table. It also adds a more personal touch to the gift. You can fill the basket with a whole series of things you believe the future mom does not have, or others that you think she does not know she needs.

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In case they do not look pretty for baby shower? I mean, anything with baby items is cute, in my opinion. Oops, I hope I’m not craving a baby!

I hope you have fun being creative and putting together your own gift basket for a baby.

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