Dani Duke hidden tattoo – Dani Duke left his followers stumped with a hidden tattoo

Dani Duke hidden tattoo. Dani Duke awoke the madness of his followers on social networks. The Instagram star, who would be the girlfriend of the content creator for networks known as La Liendra, shared a video in which she sensually danced, in a bathing suit, the song “Perreo Pesau”, by Rauw Alejandro, and revealed a tiny Dani Duke hidden tattoo in the pelvic area. Although fans noticed the detail, they could not decipher the figure, but that did not stop them raving about the celebrity.

Dani Duke hidden tattoo image

“This old woman is the meaning that silver is not everything. She already has a status and the simplicity that she uses speaks for itself “,” How beautiful, Dani. Do not worry about what they tell you, you continue living your life “,” Divine, regal and spectacular “and” My God, what a beautiful woman “, were some of the most outstanding appreciations of the publication, which has almost 1800 comments and more than 360 thousand I like it.

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Dani duke didn’t stop and shared another video in which she showcased her dancing skills again; she choreographed the song “Miedito o ¿qué?”, doing a duet with Nicol Cruz.

The Antioqueña has also taken the spotlight of public opinion due to her relationship with the influencer Mauricio Gómez, known as La Liendra, and the moments that have been recorded through social networks. At the end of 2020, they raised the temperature on Instagram, with a photograph in which they posed naked, on an uncovered road.

In the last hours, the profile of the La Liendra fan account shared a ‘post’ where Gómez is sharing lunch with his girlfriend, while playing chess. “We are here, eating and playing at the same time, because with Dani we are watching a series (Queen’s Gambit) that is on Netflix, it has us ‘obliged’ and motivated us to play chess. I’m winning, ”said the character, who also shared the menu: soup, fish, rice and patacón and gave the credit to his mother.

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