David Beckham’s tattoos most watch

The football player David Beckham is one of the stars whose tattoos are the most watched, studied, mocked, criticized, being at the source of a very invasive media coverage. David Beckham’s tattoos seem to allow him to express his thoughts, to evacuate negativity and to fight adversity, to show his feelings, with regard to his wife Victoria and her children for example. It focuses on the body:

David Beckham’s tattoos desain

A design tattoo based on a heap of clouds surrounding three cherubim angels on the shoulder and arm. These three angels represent his three sons

A very symbolic David Beckham’s tattoos that reflects the personality he always tried to put forward during his football years: a Knight Templar, symbolized by a cross. Templar tattoos are recognizable by their coat with a red cross. For David Beckham it symbolizes his belonging to the team of England. Tattooed on his arm, this Templar represents for him the fact that these knights were the best equipped, trained and disciplined of the combat units during the Crusades. This state of mind corresponds to what he has always wanted to bring to his different teams and football clubs.

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A tattoo of a giant sentinel angel carrying a flame in the hand that illuminates his face from below. The wings wrap around the arm and blend with its other tattoos

A tattoo of Christ’s Calvary on the right side, based on a reproduction of the work of artist Matthew Brooks: “Man of Sorrows”, of which beckham already has the title tattooed on the body

The tattoo of a sentence in Hebrew meaning “I am to my beloved, and my beloved is mine, she grazes her flock among the lilies.” This quotation is from the Song of Songs. One notices besides on his tattoos numerous religious references of diverse origins

The second David Beckham’s tattoos arm is a quote from the Roman emperor Tiberius, also used by Caligula: “Lets them hate me as long as they fear me” or in French: “Let them hate me, They fear me. ” According to some a message to his detractors. Originally Beckham wanted this quote tattoo in Latin but preferred English so as not to have the word “dum” on the arm and avoid the taunts on his intellect

A tattoo of a Chinese proverb on the blank: “Life and death are appointments made in advance. Wealth and honors depend on paradise “

On the arm, the words “Perfectio In Spiritu” or “spiritual perfection” in French, and the tattoo of the Roman numeral VII relating to its jersey number number 7

David Beckham wears on his left arm the tattoo of the name of his wife Victoria in the Hindi language as well as the words Ut Amem and Foveam (“I love and cherish”). Rumor has it that this tattoo in Hindi is misspelled: “Vihctoria”

He wears on his back a large angel tattoo in the shape of a cross with the names of his three sons Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz.

A tattoo of his wife Victoria on the forearm, framed in a star: it corresponds visually to a photo of posh appeared in Pop magazine during a shoot in the style Brigitte Bardot. The tattoo is embellished with the phrase “forever by your side”. The tattoo as proof of love ..