Delicate tattoo for those who miss someone: their meaning will thrill you

The death of a loved one is always a strong blow. For many, memories help in the process of healing that loss, so much so that some people mark that transformation in the skin: from pain to the release of that pain.

A tattoo can symbolize that person who is no longer with us, as a form of homage and making it eternal in us.

Delicate tattoo with a big symbol

Tattoo artist Tatiana Alves has a fine and quite delicate stroke. One of his latest creations was a tattoo with great meaning and the result is very inspiring.

In the drawing mother and daughter are holding hands in a hammock supported by flowers. The mother has wings on her back, and there is a red heart that symbolizes the love between them. Although it looks like a simple delicate tattoo, what symbolizes every detail makes the result exciting.

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In the description of the photo, Tatiana Alves explained the intention behind the design: «For a mother who won wings and who left her daughter with her best memories».

Simple and with a beautiful meaning, the tattoo made the relationship between the two eternal. And you? Do you have a delicate tattoo remembering someone very special?.


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