Dennis Rodman tattoos – are extremely varied and scattered

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman is one of the first NBA players to have covered his body with tattoos and piercings of any kind. In the field, Dennis Rodman tattoos were not the only reason for the enthusiasm he generated.

Subsequent player at the beginning of his career, from a second-class university and drafted in the second round of a 1986 bitter draft (death of number 2 Len Bias two days after his selection, drug problems of Chris Washburn, and later Drazen Petrovic’s death in a road accident, and health problems of Brad Daugherty, formerly number 1), Rodman began his career with the pistons, in the Bad Boys era, a tough team , Based on a rough defense on the man and composed of strong personalities (Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, John Salley, Rick Mahorn, Joe Dumars …).

He will be champion NBA in 1989 and 1990, just before the advent of the Jordan years, on which he was responsible for defending. This small interior (2,03m) was indeed the specialist in rebound and defense (defender of the year in 1990 and 1991, best rebounder of the league for 7 consecutive years until 1998).

It is during the continuation of his career with the San Antonio Spurs, that begins to defray the chronicle, with escapades extra-sportives, hyper-mediated relation with Madonna, then later a marriage missed with Carmen Electra.

It then develops the completely crazy aspect of his personality, even on the ground where his behavior often pushes the opponent, tattooing almost the entire body (he has dozens of different tattoos), also collects Piercings and haircuts all more colorful than each other, starting with a blonde Iroquois crest that will earn him a new nickname, demolition man (for his resemblance to Simon Phoenix, played by Wesley Snipes alongside Sylvester Stallone).

His arrival at the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen will produce a formidable team, hyper complement, which will go until an exceptional season of 72 victories for 10 defeats, absolute record of all time.

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The Chicago Bulls will thus be champions NBA three times (1996, 1997 and 1998) after the three successes of 1991, 1992 and 1993, making it the team of the nineties decade. During this period, the Dennis Rodman tattoos and the personality make it an extraordinary celebrity, that one finds on plates of cinema (Double team with Jean-Claude Vandamme and Mickey Rourke in particular) or on wrestling rings where It rubs under the nickname of Rodzilla another NBA basketball player: Karl Malone.

Dennis Rodman tattoos varied

Dennis Rodman tattoos are extremely varied, and scattered all over his body. However, having posed nude during his career, many pieces that adorn his skin are known to the general public. Here is a detailed overview:

  • It has an assortment of tribal tattoos: A tribal tattoo necklace that runs all the way around its neck and contains the inscription “Infinity”. This reflects the character’s somewhat mystical personality. He has another tribal on his belly, which runs along his hips, the top of his thighs, his buttocks and goes up under his pecs
  • On the chest, he wears two tattoos of bulls that face each other and oppose each other, a tattoo on each pectoral
  • On the abdominals a cross tattoo of Egyptian life customized in tribal and matched with a sun around the navel. Around this tattoo, we find Gothic letters, a “D” for Denis and an “M” for his wife Michelle, embellished with old school stars with shaded branches to give a relief effect.
  • On the left arm he wears a shark tattoo surrounded by a sun on his shoulder, a tattoo of a red die symbolizing his addiction to the game and the world of the night of Las Vegas, a small tribal and symbol Of eternity in relief
  • On the right arm, a motorcycle tattoo with a demon woman wearing a pitchfork. Denis Rodman has assumed his share of femininity in the media by conveying an ambiguous image about his sexuality. He also wears a Catholic cross tattoo with a rosary
  • Her tattoo in the back is a naked woman with waders, in a very suggestive position, surrounded by a large symmetrical tribal ranging from one shoulder to the other. Above another tribal tattoo on the neck and upper shoulders, with its name “Rodman” in the middle of the neck and a cross of Egyptian tribal life.
  • A tribal on the top of the left hand and a tribal bracelet with a sun on the right wrist. It has a tangle of tattoos on both forearms, which are quite difficult to distinguish and decipher because of the mediocre quality of their features.
  • A tribal bracelet tattoo around the ankle, or more precisely the tibia, surrounding the bottom of the calf

Some photos of Dennis Rodman tattoos