Design Elegant Kitchens with Black Furniture

Today we have for you all very original ideas and tips on how to design kitchens with black furniture. As we all know, it is a normal thing to see black furniture in the kitchen. Lately the very elegant black design is becoming trend.

And as you can see in our photos today there are many owners who choose to have kitchens with black furniture or add black shades in the kitchen. In our article you will not only see black furniture but also adorned walls floors and countertops of this color.

No matter if you want to make sure to opt for some details in black or you want a dark space completely we are sure that our photos of today will help you to decide.

When designing kitchens with black furniture a very important thing that we must pay close attention to are light fixtures.

We all know that lighting plays a very important role in the design of almost all kitchens, but in a black kitchen lighting fixtures and their position is very important.

In the photos we show you here you can see many different options of hanging lamps with different shape and finishes that look great in the kitchen. Our advice is to use this type of lamp hanging from the ceiling to illuminate the island.

Another important thing in a kitchen with floor furniture and black walls are the details and the pieces that accentuate the design. If you want some color in the kitchen accent pieces are the best choice.

They are also easy to change if you completely decide the aesthetics of your kitchen. Lamps, vases, clocks, picture frames and photos, artwork and cutlery are just a few of the ways to bring some color into your elegant black kitchen.

When choosing furniture of black color for your kitchen do not forget that the furniture is a compromise and can not be changed as easily as the accessories. Plus the large furniture is not cheap so you should be very confident in your decision.

If you do not want a black island you can opt for only dashboards or just some cabinets. You can also opt for a wooden table and black chairs if you have enough space in your kitchen. If it is more daring you can even opt for a black dining table.

For a kitchen with furniture of black color always remains some detail of steel iron bronze or any metal for the shooters for example.

Metal items are perfect in modern contemporary and industrial kitchens. They also add a brilliant touch that stands out in any black space.

It is very possible that you do not like anything black cabinets as we all well know is not the most sought-after color for cabinets. But there is no better way to get an elegant and sophisticated look.

If you do not want to have everything in black cabinets or a black island can make a difference in your kitchen. They are also perfect for designing contemporary kitchens that have a white palette.

The black color is very appropriate and adds charm to any space. In your kitchen you can choose this color for the dashboards. In the market there are many black dashboards available in different finishes.

It also has several options such as classic tiles or ceramic, porcelain, glass and even natural stone all black.

If you are not a fan of solid black mosaic or ceramic tiles, choose a style that blends black with one or more other colors for a smoother look.

This shabby chic style kitchen back wall tile coordinates with the solid black countertop, but also has lighter colors in it.

If you think black cabinets and black dashboards are too bold for your taste, countertops are a good choice.

Black countertops can blend seamlessly with colors like white and gray, and can be found in a variety of materials, including granite, quartz and stone.

As you can see in our images not only the furniture is black but also the appliances such as the hood. The metal bells are very modern this year and include many models of black steel.

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Whether it’s made of stainless steel, wood or painted metal, a black kitchen hood can add a lot of style to your design.

Shelves are not just for storing and displaying your kitchen utensils can be accent pieces as well. Shelves with painted black are a perfect choice for a white or wooden wall as they offer a great visual impact.

To create a very sophisticated space we advise you to use black, gray, chrome and stainless steel finishes. Reflective surfaces will help you make your space more luminous by reflecting natural and artificial lighting.

The use of black cabinets in a kitchen with white walls creates a dynamic space and balances visually with the wall. Also if you also have the dark colored floor with a glossy finish will add elegance to the sophisticated ambiance of your modern kitchen.

Although many describe the kitchen of their dreams as a bright and bright are not few who will prefer dark finishes in their kitchens like the examples we show today.

We can not deny that the light spaces are cozy however, dark kitchens offer the unexpected.

As you can see designing kitchens with furniture and elegant black details also provide a feeling of comfort. Some of the best kitchens combine elements of light and dark colors to make the design complete and modern.

Now we leave you with our ideas and our advice on how to design kitchens with black furniture and accessories to inspire you to create an elegant and sophisticated kitchen and surprise anyone who enters it.

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