Designs of refined Italian kitchens

Italian kitchen. Traditional Italian kitchen style are known all over the world. In them you can breathe a cozy family atmosphere that encourages you to cook and prepare your favorite recipes.

Italian kitchen design

Today we bring you twenty-five designs of traditional Italian kitchen style, do not miss our selection of images.

As you see, wood often appears in these designs of kitchens, also providing a note of rustic style. Usually an Italian kitchen is usually large, this reflects the love and passion that Italians dedicate to food, and hence their recipes are so popular worldwide.

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\The kitchen model we see above is called Amélie and is a design by Raffaello Pravato for the firm Scavolini. In it they appear diverse quality materials like the solid wood for the frames of the doors, granite for the worktops and glazed stoneware for the elements of masonry. The result is a very elegant look.

It is of the utmost importance that in a space of so much use technological elements have been incorporated that help to carry out the culinary tasks and that at the same time are of easy maintenance and very resistant to blows, burns, etc. A traditional looking kitchen can also count on these innovative elements, as we can see in the photos.

In the model of kitchen that we see above appears again the wood although in this case the finish is lacquered in an aquamarine tone that we will see much in the designs of retro style. This color may be more typical of American vintage kitchens, and is causing much excitement today. These have been some of the designs of traditional kitchens that most characterize this style. Then we leave you with the rest of images of Italian kitchen design, we hope you enjoy.

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