Disney tattoos – very cute designs for dreamy girls

Disney tattoos. Disney audiences are not just children, many adults are also fans of the company’s productions.

If you are one of them and looking for ideas for your next Disney tattoos, you will love these 15 discreet designs that are inspired by the great works of Disney.

Disney tattoos ideas design

1. Never grow up

This amazing Peter Pan tattoo demonstrates the essence of Disney: keeping your inner child, no matter your age

2. The magic lamp

With this Aladdin magic lamp tattoo you can fulfill your own wishes, no matter what they are.

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3. The cute Mickey Mouse

Without a doubt, the most popular figure in the Walt Disney company is the Mickey Mouse. Any worthy fan needs this character in their shoes. You can also capture it together with the famous castle located in Disneyland.

4. Mulan silhouette

Mulán is one of the most beloved princesses, as she is a true representative of female empowerment. This tattoo is discreet and captures its essence perfectly.

5. Ohana

As we learned in Lilo and Stitch: Ohana means family and the family never abandons you or forgets you. If family is also the most important thing for you, do not hesitate to make this design for yourself.

6. The Beauty and the Beast rose

With this rose, Disney taught us a lesson, telling us that a person’s interior is what really matters and that you should never judge at first sight.

7. To infinity and beyond …

If you’re a millennial or Generation Z, you probably grew up repeating the Toy Story dialogues. And one of the most memorable is “To infinity and beyond.” You can get this tattoo with your best friend or with your partner.

8. Up’s house

We were completely in love with Carl and Ellie’s love story, and this creation pays homage to the movie. You can do it in grayscale or color.

9. Hakuna Matata

If your philosophy of life is “Hakuna Matata”, as The Lion King taught us, capture in your body this phrase that is one of the most iconic in all of Disney.

10. In the land of Neverland

Another option for Peter Pan fans is the outline that forms the figure of this beloved character.

11. Bambi and Drum

Bambi is one of the most emotional movies in the entire history of Disney, and the favorite of many. This tattoo is discreet and tender.

12. Cheshire Cat

Alice’s world in wonderland made us play with the limits of our imaginations and taught us that a little madness is necessary in life.

You can capture your favorite character in the film, such as the Cheshire Cat.

13. The glass slipper

If you dream of your fairy godmother fulfilling your wishes and meeting your prince charming, this crystal slipper tattoo is the best option for you.

14. Winnie the Pooh

It is another of the classic Disney tattoos characters and one of the most adorable. Connect with your inner child with this tattoo.

15.Maleficent’s horns

Maleficent’s films showed us that in every situation there are two sides to the story. And also that the ‘kiss of true love’ does not always come from the enchanted prince.