Dotwork Tattoos (with dots) desain

It is talked about that tattoo artists who practically only do dotwork tattoos is because they do not know how to perform shading and gradients properly. What do you think of these statements? Personally I totally disagree with them.

Dotwork tattoos image

Of course, what we should keep in mind about dotwork tattoos is that if we do not do it right and cure well, over time they will lose their effect. Remember that dotwork tattoos look for similar shadows and fillings based on small dots closer or separate. If the tattoo is not done well, the points that are very close to each other could become fused with the passage of time and become a kind of small spot because it ends up losing the original visual effect.

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No one can deny that in the last two or three years this style of tattoos has been placed as one of the most popular (along with tattoos watercolor). And as we all know, in the world of tattooing, no matter how much we weigh, fashions are always present. And you, what do these tattoos look like? Share your opinion with us all.