Dreamcatcher tattoos: what do they symbolize?

While it is not the most popular designs, it is also not unusual to find dreamcatcher tattoos. They have an undeniable aesthetic appeal, they are exotic, complex and mysterious; usually they are made with large proportions and without a doubt, their meaning is really interesting. For all these reasons, today I am going to show you what the dreamcatcher tattoos symbolize.

Meaning of dreamcatcher tattoos

While we have talked about it several times, it is never too easy to review the meaning of tattoos. So doing a bit of memory, the dream catchers are a symbol of protection par excellence. Its origins go back to the ancient American Indians, who believed that weaving these artifacts could ward off evil spirits.

In this way, the natives have used these amulets in their villages for thousands of years, as an amulet or a sacred talisman. Like all symbols, with the passage of time it soon became the art of tattoos and today, many people opt for tattoos of dreamcatchers or tattoos of dream catchers.

History and symbolism of the dream catchers

It is often mentioned that the dream catchers were part of the culture of the Lakota Indians. According to some of his folkloric legends, it is said that his shaman met with the “great teacher of wisdom”, a sacred and immense spider-shaped being, who spoke with him about the cycle of human life.

While the wise arachnid teacher spoke with the shaman, he ordered him to knit a net around a circle, as a representation of a good ideas grabber, while in the center he left a space for bad ideas to pass and follow his
path. After this spiritual encounter the object was quickly adopted as a protective talisman.

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Another version is that of the Anishinabe Indians, who say that a magic spider woman wove one of these nets every time a child of her tribe was born. As the population grew, the mothers of the tribe began to make nets for their children. Of course: the dream catchers of this tribe had no feathers and measured only about five centimeters in diameter.

Today, the meaning of this symbol continues to refer to the spiritual, to the maternal, heavenly, sacred protection. According to these points of view, a dream catcher would avoid bad luck, bad energy, pain and darkness.

Well, what did you think of these dreamcatcher tattoos and their meanings?.