Economic ideas for your ideal marriage

Celebrating a beautiful marriage economically seems difficult, but it is not an impossible mission. Next, we give you some ideas to reduce the costs of your celebration.

Ideas for your ideal marriage

Who said that a minimalist marriage could not be chic? In this article we want to give you some ideas that can help you to lower the costs generated by the celebration of a marriage, without having to give up everything you had dreamed for this special and unique day in your life:

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Floral ornaments. It is one of the best options to save. For example, you can substitute the classic wildflower centers for a few simple carnations or margaritas carefully clocado without breaking with the elegance and glamor of your reception.

Candies on the sweet table. You can put candies of various colors and all kinds of treats in glass jars is another idea of ??low cost that every time bet more boyfriends. In addition to decorating the tables, you will give the guests a joy.

Rent the wedding dress. Surely you’ve always dreamed of wearing a princess dress on the big day of your marriage, why not do it without spending all your savings? The solution that could best suit you is to rent your wedding dress or buy it at an outlet store. You will find beautiful designs of first quality and best of all at very affordable prices.

Marry in low season. An advice that you and your boy should keep in mind is the date of the marriage. There are months more requested than others for this type of celebrations, for that reason, if they want to save, the most convenient thing is that they get married in the off-season months, and they will surely find special promotions without affecting the quality of the service.

Following these tips, the savings in the celebration of marriage will be substantial and can be invested in other things such as a beautiful and long honeymoon.