Ed Sheeran tattoo – the singer has more than 60 tattoos

Talking about tattoo addiction is something that may sound like an argumentless statement. However, as I have commented in some articles about it and always trying to look for a satyr side, it is evident that there are certain people that going through a tattoo studio for the first time leaves them marked (never better said) in a special way And create an inner bond of love and connection with the world of tattooing. And Ed Sheeran tattoo is a good example of what we’re talking about.

Ed Sheeran tattoo design

The singer currently has more than 60 tattoos in full color. A very important amount is usually associated with a person who has been tattooing throughout worlds years. However, in the case of Ed Sheeran is not so, since the British singer has done the vast majority of his tattoos in this past year. When Sheera began to make its mark in the world of music, Sheera was like a shy and withdrawn boy. Little or nothing remains of that young man to this day.

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Just take a look at Ed Sheeran’s Instagram account (@ eddysphotos) to realize that he has his whole body tattooed. According to some British media, during the last year 2016 the singer spent more than 40 hours in a chair under the tattooer’s needle. One of his “fetish” Ed Sheeran tattoo artists is Kevin Paul, who has also tattooed many other stars of music.

Sheera comments that he tries to get a tattoo for every thing she does and that she feels proud or wants to remember. Finally, we leave you with a curious video made by the magazine GQ of United Kingdom and in which the singer shows us and talks about his favorite tattoos. We have from a Japanese letter to a lion tattooed on his chest.