Ed Sheeran Tattoos meaning

 Ed Sheeran Tattoos. The multiple tattoos of musician and singer Ed Sheeran tell his life and tastes in many ways. Patchwork of small pieces put together end to end, each item has its own history.

The young red-headed singer from Halifax in the UK is a little prodigy who started his career very young at the age of 13. Despite his young age (he was born in 1991), he already possesses many pieces, with graphic interest more or less debatable, but all of which have an important significance for him.

Most of Ed Sheeran Tattoos are located on the arms, Let’s look at the program:

Ed Sheeran Tattoos desain

On the arm a “family tree” tattoo, the tree representing its roots and family.

Next to the tree, a Teddy Bear, a red teddy bear.

The tattoo “Bloodstream” under the teddy bear is one of his pieces related to his music. This is the title of one of the tracks of his album “X”.

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The lizard is a symbol of good fortune and wisdom. It is also the title of one of his tracks.

The tattoo of glasses on his right forearm corresponds to the pair of glasses that Ed Sheeran regularly wears.

The tattoo representing an entwined couple next to the lizard is actually inspired by the work of Henri Matisse “the virgin with the standing child”, a lithograph that dates from 1950. Matisse is indeed the favorite painter of his mother.

On the arm, a tattoo of a quotation in Gaëlic, from a song by his friend Foy Vance: “Guiding Light”. The quote is “nuair is gá dom fháil bhaile, is tú mo réalt eolais” which means “When I need to go home, you are the light that guides me”. It should be noted that the handwriting is that of Foy Vance.

The rose is a tribute to her album.

Probably Ed Sheeran’s worst tattoo: a tattoo of the Heinz logo he made at the beginning of his tour in September 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. He loves this sauce so much that he once said “No one is too good for ketchup. Ketchup is too good for you. “

The tea cup tattoo made in 2012 on the occasion of a radio show in the United Kingdom.

Red Tattoo is the tour and album of the same name by Taylor Swift, which he opened. He also participated in the title “Everything Has Changed. “

Another musical tattoo: the quote from The Street “Everything is Borrowed”, written in handwriting by Mike Skinner: “I came to this world with nothing, and I’ll leave with nothing but love. Everything else is just borrowed. “Or in French” I came into the world without anything, and I will leave it with nothing but love. Everything else is borrowed. “

Ed Sheeran brings back tattoos from almost every place he visits. So he brought back a Kiwi from New Zealand in 2013.

From Japan, he brought back a Chinese symbol on the arm (as if the Japanese tattoo was not rich enough in iconography …). This symbol means “that”

The word “Prince” comes from the “Prince of Bel Air” of which he is a fan, and which he returned from touring, during a passage in Philadelphia, city in which was held the series cult with Will Smith

The quote from Bon Iver, from the song “Re: Stacks” (on the 2007 album “For Emma, ??Forever Ago”). Another quote using handwriting from its author, singer Justin Vernon: “Everything that happens is from now on.” In French: “Everything that happens happens from now on”

Tattoo of the starry night of Van Gogh. This work reminded him of his father, and the song “Vincent” by Don McLean,

The puzzle pieces: Each of these pieces represents one of his close friends. The empty space is dedicated to his future wife. Is not that cute?

Tattooed leaves symbolize the circle of life.

The Pause / Play / Rewind / Fast Forward buttons that are a sign of his nostalgia for good old K7 audio and radiocassette players.

Leo’s head tattoo represents his “Lego House”

Number 5 represents his EP No. 5 Collaborations Project

The paw print is a tattoo that he had from his 18 years, without any particular reason, even if he jokes today that it represents his “blood of tiger” red

His tattoo “Festina Lente” is in Latin and means “Hurry up slowly”, a tip that his uncle gave him and which means for Ed that you must love with intensity without rushing.

Snowflake tattoo symbolizes Ed Sheeran’s tour with Snow Patrol in 2012

The angel’s wings represent the first broadcast of the title “The A-Team” (whose lyrics state “It’s too cold for angels to fly”) on the radio

The tattoo of the maple leaf is the symbol of Canada, dedicated to the fans of this country

The tattoo “Your Name” comes from the song “Wake Me Up” by Ed croons, whose lyrics make “I should ink my skin with your name. “Never stingy of a good joke, Ed took it at the word and got inked” your name “!

The autograph of author songwriter Damien Rice, one of Ed Sheeran’s idols.

The “+” symbol, as the title of his first studio album, which quickly cartoned in the united states

The sixth street sign corresponds to the song “Photograph” which was written in 6th Street in the city of Denver, Colorado. It turns out that it is a small shell, since it was the 6th … avenue … Ed also participated in an episode of Sesame Street

The tattoo of the little gingerbread man, as for the Potted Cat, symbolizes Ed’s passion for the movie Shrek

Ta Moko Maori represents love and family. This is another souvenir tattoo from New Zealand

The number 1221 represents all that Ed Sheeran accomplished in 2012, at the age of 21: world success, playing for the queen, making the closing ceremony of the Olympics …

The sign MEOW was inked to him by the Canadian star Phoebe Dyksta in exchange for a paw print that had tattooed Ed in person

The Pingu tattoo represents a famous cartoon character in clay. His friend Harry Styles has the word “Pingu” tattooed under his arm.

The Koala tattoo is a souvenir of Australia in 2012

Random Impulse is a tattoo made identically by his friend and author / rapper Random Impulse

The red star is a tattoo made identically on its cousin and artist ALONESTAR.

The tattoo of the planet symbolizes the global reach of the worldwide release of its album “+” in 2012.

The goat tattoo was the subject of an Ed tweet: “to find out the meaning of the goat, go to @dancinggoatfram and get a milkshake, all will be revealed. He also explained that it was a sentimental tattoo

Handprints on her arm represent the song “Small Bump,” written for one of her friends who suffered a miscarriage.

On his arm, Tiger stripes symbolize strength, courage and passion

The triangle tattoo represents creativity and talent

The potted cat is another sign of his love for the movie Shrek as announced in his song “Wake Me Up”: “And I know you love ‘Shrek’, ’cause we’ve watched it 12 times, Re hoping for a fairytale too. “

The symbol of the division, also called Obelus, echoes the albums “+” and “x”.

The phoenix that rises from its ashes symbolizes rebirth and hope.

The lion tattoo on the torso is a symbol of strength and power.