Eiza Gonzalez new tattoo is full of feminine power and you will love it

Eiza Gonzalez belongs to the club of actresses who do not appear, but who wear multiple tattoos on their skin. She is a fan of small and feminine designs, and her new acquisition meets the same characteristics. The design is delicate, but with a powerful meaning that every woman will love.

One of Eiza Gonzalez new tattoo is Mr. K, who works at the Bang Bang Tattoo studio in New York.

The actress has visited him multiple times in recent months, and he almost always shares photos when he goes to get tattooed with him. But it does not always presume the final result.

Eiza Gonzalez new tattoo design

That’s how it happened again with his Eiza Gonzalez new tattoo, only this time it was even more mysterious. This is because Eiza shared the photos in the middle of a post with multiple photos. You can see that the design is a phrase that he now wears on his left wrist. Can you read it ?.

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If your answer is no, you are not alone; we also couldn’t decipher it. The good news is that the artist uploaded an image in his account where the text can be seen (and where you can also see Eiza’s previous tattoo, already healed).

A phrase of feminine power consistent with the ideology of Eiza Gonzalez, who uses her social networks and interviews to talk about the value of women.

At work, in daily life, at all times: the actress always defends gender equality and sisterhood.

“When women lean on each other, great things happen.”

Now Eiza does not carry her message only on her t-shirts or on her Instagram images, but on her skin and permanently as Eiza Gonzalez new tattoo. This way you will never forget your own strength, which you have demonstrated in your career and personal life in recent years