Example of Women’s Tattoo Wrist Design

When you make the decision to get yourself tattooed, one of the first questions you can ask yourself, once you know what pattern you want is the location of the tattoo. What would be the best place for this tattoo? Nowadays, a majority of women choose the wrist. This is probably because the tattoo will often be quite small, discreet and cute. It may be left visible or hidden by means of a watch or a bracelet. The location on the wrist for woman is a great place for a first tattoo!.

Women’s Tattoo Wrist Info and Tips

Contrary to what one might think, the wrist leaves well-tattooed areas especially on the women’s side. This part of our body refers in the collective unconscious to the delicacy and in a more advanced way to the emergence of a certain femininity. It is an area also prized for the discretion it offers. If you are on your first attempt it is the appropriate area for you to try to wear a woman tattoo.

Many people fear social suicide and prefer to enjoy the possibility of camouflaging their tattoos (clothing with long sleeves, accessories such as watches, jewelry or bracelets). So the reasons why we prefer this place to others are both aesthetic and safe, and the women’s tattoo wrist seems to validate all these points.

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Tattoo pain on the wrist in women

But as discreet and sensitive as it can be, the women’s tattoo wrist, due to sensitivity and its position raises questions. It would be hasty to say that no sensation is felt during and after the act of the tattoo artist. It is a fairly sensitive area where the skin is finer.

The vibrations of the machine do not induce pain but rather a sensation somewhat unpleasant. But nothing that resembles the fear of seeing oneself open the veins by the professional do not worry your women’s tattoo wrist will do without bloodshed. You will not be the first or last to be tattooed. If parameters such as the quality of the skin and the receptivity to or pain are taken into account, it can be said that the testimonies are numerous and that only the experiment will be decisive.

Tips for a Wrist Tattoo Woman

This is one of the reasons why we advise you to take a professional tattoo artist to make you feel safer. You can ask him any clarifying questions that remain in your mind. The tattoo woman wrist is very advantageous because it keeps well and does not move too much in time, it is discreet without being hidden, inexpensive and for women it can represent an interesting alternative to charms. Note also that it is one of the parts that can accommodate small tattoo without appearing incongruous.

The wrist tattoo woman is also a tattoo that can be modified in time. It can be increased by adding elements to the hands or forward arms. It can also be a good start for those who would like to have an entire arm tattooed!.