Examples of beautiful phrases French tattoos

It seems that languages ??are one of the great bases when it comes to choosing a tattoo. Among them, English and French are often the top of the list. So, if we recently saw the short phrases in English, today we propose a new language lesson. How about enjoying nice French phrases for your next design?

Although many choose the most colorful tattoos, with objects or color, why not opt ??for examples like these?. Undoubtedly, the simplicity of words have a deeper symbolism. A way of saying a lot more, but in a more basic way. Discover all these examples of tattoos!.

French tattoos choose

As we say, no matter the language is that we want to express, as long as we are clear what we are going to tattoo. Whenever we do not control a language well, we have to make sure the phrase to choose. It does not do much good that we go to an online translator. More than anything because sometimes we can find phrases that do not have the same meaning that a translator of this style can offer us. So, there is nothing like making sure we get it right before we put it on the skin.

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One of the most seen phrases in French tattoos, is this. The essential is invisible to the eyes, it is one of those very deep phrases and that counts on a great symbolism. Because we can not stay with appearances. They often deceive, in all aspects of life. It is always better to dig deeper. Only there, we will find everything essential and basic. Does not it seem like a perfect phrase for your body?.

Undoubtedly, tattoos with hope are another of the best options for our skin. Only three words that will be perfect for many places in the body. Both for the arm and the back of the back. In addition, you can choose the style of letter that you like and enjoy a positive and motivating tattoo.

In this case, the hope of love is what leads us to show this beautiful tattoo. A new design that also combines three words, with styles most impressive among their letters. Despite not having any other added and be in black ink, beauty is more than evident. Without a doubt, one of the great topics for all types of tattoos is always those that have love themes. In this case, we do not need more additions than words.

Most Common Phrases French tattoos

There are many phrases that count with great protagonism. Although each one can and must choose the one that defines us the most, it is not enough to check if it is among the list that we have selected for you.

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À coeur vaillant rien d’impossible: Nothing is impossible for a brave heart.
After the storm, the sun rises.
Chancun voit midi à sa porte: To each his own.
Qui vit sans folie n’est pas si sage qu’il croit: Who lives without madness is not as wise as he believes.
Very short phrases

Heureux au jeu malhereux en amour: Lucky in the game, unlucky in love.
Il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu: There is no smoke, no fire.
Aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait: Said and done.

As you can see, there are many phrases you can choose for your next design. Phrases made, romantic or with motivating messages. All a great set that will be perfect to be able to decorate your body. The arms, the ribs or the back part, can be perfect places to show off these kind of beautiful phrases French tattoos. What do you think of these ideas?