Extraordinary Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos. Unlike other animals, the importance of lions in the world of tattoos is not limited only to animals, since these mammals have been incorporated into the religions and mythologies of various cultures around the world.

To get an idea of ??the expansion that the lions had during the last centuries we just have to understand their importance in many European countries and even in Asian mythologies, especially Chinese and Japanese mythologies.

Lion Tattoos Symbol

In many European countries the lion was seen as a symbol of royalty, which aligned with the current concept of King of the Jungle. At present, the lion is also a symbol of Leo, one of the signs of the Zodiac and represents the Sun.

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In African cultures, lions appear in many myths of creation, both as creator and destroyer. They were also used in many rites as symbols of maturity or of warriors.

Considering that they are important in almost everyone, lions have become a symbol of many things, from solar power and royal authority, to pride, nobility, strength, courage and justice.

When observing all these meanings it is not a surprise to discover the popularity of lion tattoos, since they represent many of the qualities that men hope to develop in their lives.

For others the lion tattoos is used as a symbol of protection or security, but in this case the lion is considered a protector or a powerful guardian.