Facial masks with sesame oil

Sesame oil is ideal for cleansing the face, either through a face mask or by directly applying oil to the skin. It is a very simple product to do at home. It is a product with a strong moisturizing power which in addition helps to give a smoother skin while hiding the effects of aging. With all these properties, who would not want to try it? Let’s see in detail how to make a Facial masks with sesame oil.

Properties of Facial masks with sesame oil

Sesame oil has many beneficial properties for our health, but in the aesthetic field it is an excellent ally for the health and beauty of your skin because it offers intense hydration thanks to its essential oils and Presence of omega-3 and 6. In addition, it provides antioxidants that help combat aging and sagging skin, proves to be very effective to have a rejuvenated, firm and vigorous face.

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As if this were not enough, this product helps reduce the presence of blackheads, facilitating the cleansing of your face. Sesame oil is also ideal for removing scars and have beautiful smooth skin.

Mask with sesame oil for wrinkles

Due to its antioxidant content, sesame oil is a great ally to prevent the formation of wrinkles and to conceal the presence of those that are already present on the face. This ingredient combined with natural gelatin will bring great firmness to your skin.
To make this Facial masks with sesame oil, you will need:

1 teaspoon of flavourless gelatin
4 drops of sesame oil

In a cup or small glass, add a little natural gelatin without flavor (enough to spread on your face) with water. Do not put too much water because the mask should be thick. With the face and hands clean, put 4 drops of sesame oil in your hand and disperse them on your skin by making circular and ascending movements, then tap with the ring finger to stimulate circulation.

Then apply the gelatin paste and let stand for 15 minutes, then remove with hot water. You can apply this mask once a week.

Sesame mask to close the pores

Open pores are one of the most common cosmetic problems, but thanks to a few homemade tricks, we will succeed in closing them effectively. This mask combines the power of sesame oil with that of clay, which absorbs fat and yogurt very well, a fabulous moisturizing agent that will leave your skin smooth and soft.
To do this, you need to:

2 tablespoons green clay
3 tablespoons plain yogurt without sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil

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Mix all the ingredients together to form a homogeneous paste. Apply to the previously cleaned face, preferably using a brush for best results. Leave on for 20 minutes, then remove in warm water. You can apply this mask once a week.

 Sesame Cleansing Mask

If you want to clean your face and have a beautiful skin, you should combine the power of sesame oil with a strong rosemary infusion, which in addition to freshening your face, will help to clean impurities and tighten pores through Its astringent and antiseptic properties, being particularly recommended for oily and acneic skins.

2 tablespoons sesame oil
A half cup of rosemary infusion

Prepare the infusion of rosemary using this plant preferably in its fresh or dry form. Then let cool and add in half a cup 2 tablespoons sesame oil. Apply the mixture on your face using a cotton to the face, as you do with any liquid cleanser, leave it on your skin for 5 minutes and then remove it in warm water.