Fantasy tights with printed tattoos

The fashion of the pantyhose with printed tattoos pattern now crosses the road of the followers of the tattoo: like the t-shirts with tattoo sleeves that have existed for several years, the printed tights are now bearing motifs related to the world of the tattoo, following the Constant democratization of the phenomenon of society that is tattooing, especially in women, more and more attracted by practice and body art.

Printed tattoos design

From tiny tribal patterns to Japanese-style full-tattoos, the tattoo sticker no longer only appeals to fans of gothic, printed tattoos, or offbeat and underground dress styles. From now on, everyone can simply bring fantasy to their dress style by using tights with motley patterns, the best effect, especially if it is associated, for example, with a temporary tattoo in glitter.

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Fashion accessory if any, the opaque tights with trompe-l’oeil printed faux tattoo Japanese style, with dragons, carp, flowers ensure a second skin effect making the illusion perfect. The printed tattoos is found in other types of leg wear, including tribal socks, as well as some types of gaiters featuring old school tattoo designs. Still marginal and reserved for some people who like to dare in the dress code, the sticky tattoo is yet more and more known, and should find carrier by a growing number of women as the variety of available designs grow.