First name tattoo: history and symbolic

Since always, tattooing has been a way to show his love for his loved ones. Extremely common pattern of the sailor’s tattoo, or the resulting style, the old school tattoo, parchment wrapped under another pattern, is one of the most common Name on a tattoo. From the classic tattoo in homage to his mother or a girlfriend left in port for sailors, inking a name under his skin is an ancestral practice. Contrary to popular beliefs linked to the democratization of tattooing, this practice still has good hours ahead of it: far from being outdated or has been, it has indeed (re) become a source of inspiration for tattoos.

The time of the tattoo of loulou, from the twisted bug to the childish style, is now far away. To get inked a First name tattoo is today independent of any visual style, which explains greatly the revival of this vintage style in the spirit until flower of skin. A tattoo of first name can be realized in a quasi infinite number of styles, thanks to the use of ever more varied fonts, and to the permanent evolutions of the tattoo techniques. The types of writing most used for a tattoo are fonts of Gothic type in uppercase printing.

Models for choosing a first name tattoo

Coupled with Roman numerals for a date of birth for example, the Gothic writing tattoo can be particularly effective on many parts of the body, such as the forearm, shoulders, back, calves or hips. The glamorous side of the name tattoo is no longer to be proved so many of the famous tattooed stars currently wear on the skin the first names of their children, their parents, their spouses or even close friends, from Lady Gaga to Angelina Jolie, passing by many footballers and basketball players

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In addition to the Gothic style, many other fonts and fonts allow a simple and effective first name tattoo: handwriting, handwritten in Arabic, with or without serif (boldface), bold or italic, And loose, rather rounded or square. These stylized fonts can also be used in exotic alphabets such as Tibetan, Sanskrit, Celtic Japanese kanjis or Chinese ideograms, or even imaginary alphabets, such as the Tengwar elf inspired by the universe of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Choosing a tattoo, like choosing a first name for your child, is an important step in life. The choice of a tattoo motif is a fundamentally personal and selfish thing, a process centered on oneself in which the other is not supposed to intervene. Conversely, choosing a first name for a child is an act that must echo personal desires and external issues that have a fundamental impact on the life of another person, that which will become the child to be born.

To associate these two processes, that of choosing a first name and that of inking on his own skin for life via a tattoo is a strong, meaningful act and brings the tattoo out of its personal and introspective dimension. This practice opens the tattoo to the others: this is why it must be accompanied by strong commitments and feelings: love, friendship, filiation, marriage, paternity and maternity are commitments perfectly adapted to The practice of First name tattoo.

Tattoo tattoos has grouped together for you in one and the same site tips and tracks for the two types of choices related to this practice: choose a tattoo vs choose a first name = one and the same choice opening his own personality towards love brought to A child for example.