Fish tattoo – symbolic of the astrological sign of fish

The astrological sign of the fish (from 20 February to 20 March) is linked to the planet Neptune and represented by two half-oval curves, opposite back to back vertically and separated in the middle by a short horizontal line. More often symbolized by what it represents, namely two fish connected to each other, the fish symbol is linked to the symbolism of the end of the zodiac, but also to the new beginning, the beginning intervening after the end .

The sign of the fish is linked to the cyclic side, to the eternal renewal of life, through the end of the winter that brings the beginning of spring, which takes place after the cycle dedicated to fish in the year and the thread Of the seasons. The sign of the fish is linked to character traits such as generosity, devotion, sensitivity, but also idealistic reverie and the resulting pessimism.

Fish tattoo represent

Fish are an astrological sign that somehow represents eternity. Opting for a fish tattoo motif involves knowing not only the personal characterology of this sign, but also its symbolism at the global level, as its position as the last sign of the zodiac makes it more attracted by the greatness of the universe. Choosing your fish tattoo is quite simple as there is plenty of choice in patterns that can more or less directly represent the sign of the fish for a tattoo.

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From the traditional symbol of the zodiac, little known, to its various graphic vulgarizations directly representing two fish often placed head-to-tail, like the symbol of cancer for example. Both fish can be used vertically or horizontally for a tattoo depending on where in the body they are inked. If tattooing a fish is not necessarily linked to the zodiac, due to the strong presence of this animal in the traditional Japanese tattoo in particular. Fish, and especially carp, is a very common symbol in tattooing. The duality of a tattoo of the fish sign is what generally distinguishes it from a classic fish tattoo. The way of representing his belonging to this astrological sign is then multiple

A fish tattoo, and therefore two fish, can be imagined in many ways. For a feminine tattoo and a little more sexy one will opt for a discrete symbol of the fish respecting the visual graphic zodiacale: applied on the wrist, in the back of the neck, in the neck or lower back, A very interesting visual efficiency. For a woman, the realistic version of the fish is not necessarily what is most glamorous for a tattoo, unless it combines the astral symbolism with the traditional Japanese art of irezumi tattoo and its colorful appearance and everything Curved, which is particularly suitable for a Japanese cuff on the arm of a woman, as of a man besides.

Men often use the pattern of fish for a tattoo on the thigh or ribs, going as far as one of the buttocks. Fish can also be visualized either by the tattoo style: tribal, biomechanical, realistic, asian, or by the motif itself which can be distanced from the classical “poiscaille” representation, for a more personal representation to the tattoo: one Tattoo of dolphins, sharks, manta rays, even whales …

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The fish are the sign of the reincarnated rebirth. He is attributed a symbolism linked to loyalty and material disinterestedness. It is an astral sign linked to the generosity and the gift of self, the native fish can be led to accept immense personal sacrifices for the well-being of his relatives. Twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, placed at the end of winter, at the crossing of the end and beginning of all things, the fish has a personality that makes it available, open-minded and listening, endowed with Little aggressiveness since its capacity of interiorization is very strong.

This faculty may become its greatest defect and weakness, as it makes it sensitive and vulnerable to depression and melancholy. Idealist, the fish is not less conscious of the needs of utopias of which it is cradled with crosses dreams. He is therefore easily touched by the disappointment and disarray that make him thus accessible to sadness, especially since he often suffers from a deficit of self-confidence

Paradoxically the native of the sign of the fish can often conjugate timidity and sufficiency. He is a reliable creature on whom one can rely more than reason. Nevertheless, he tends to detach himself from his loved ones because of their inability to point the finger at difficult situations and to speak openly about their problems.

Their detachment is such that only a great maturity can bring them this capacity of introspection and interiorization. Imaginative, hardworking, compassionate, intuitive, fish are also a bit naive and therefore easy to handle, especially when their sentimentality comes into balance. In case of disappointment, fish tends to float with the flow and just act or react, what makes it quite malleable. Fortunately his kindness and caring tenderness often confined in a breakout role family allowing them to surpass his anxieties and uncertainties.

Compatibility of the sign of fish: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus
Incompatibility: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
Stone: Moonstone
Color: green and yellow
Planet: Neptune

Some stars and celebrities who fish for zodiac sign: George Washington, Elizabeth Taylor, Juliette Binoche, Albert Einstein, Cindy Crawford, Kurt Cobain, David Gilmour, Gutenberg, Sidney Poitier, Victor Hugo, Alain Prost, Ophélie Winter, Isabelle Huppert. The ascendant of an astrological sign plays a preponderant role in the personality and the psychological profile. In choosing a tattoo that represents the best, it is better to know well his influence, here are the different symbols for the sign of the fish.