Five reasons to get Maori tattoo designs

Along with tribal, spiked or spiked bracelets and tattoos on the Playboy bunny pelvis, Maori tattoo designs have lived their particular boom within the tattoo world. Not many years ago, in the vast majority of tattoo studios, Maori tattoo designs was also made every other day. But like in many aspects of this world, the fashions happen and although to this day they continue to make this type of tattoos, let’s say they have passed into the background.

Maori tattoo designs history

Even so I believe that in part, this fashion and proliferation of Maori tattoo designs have done a lot of damage to this type of tattoo. And is that despite having a great background and history, the vast majority of people who wear one on their skin, I doubt very much that they come to know the meaning that has, or rather, the symbolism that may have. That is why we want to collect five reasons for getting Maori tattoo designs.

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We review some of the aspects that can help you take the important decision that means getting a tattoo. And in this case, Maori tattoo designs.

  1. Associated with the origin of tattoos

While the origin of tattoos is associated with different regions and cultures, the Maori people, settled in New Zealand is one of them. Located as an exquisite, original and symbolic art of its culture that has traditionally passed from generation to generation. In these tattoos the Maori people have been shaping their history in the skin of their children.

2. Symbolism of strength and struggle
Among the many meanings that the Maori tattoo designs contain, one of them is the struggle and the strength. The Maori decorated their faces and bodies with different shapes and objects in which they told of the struggles and battles they had faced.

3. Historical and legendary

Despite the popularity boom a few years ago, I dare say Maori tattoo designs will always be here. Over the years they have come to create a unique tattoo style and there are many tattoo artists specializing in this type of tattoos. Although of course, “fashion” should not be a factor to get a tattoo.

4. Perfect for any part of the body

While the vast majority prefer to tattoo on their arms, we can find examples of people with Maori tattoo designs practically anywhere on the body. From the legs to the back or chest. It is very impressive to find full arm tattoos that are then extended by back and chest.

5. Combine them!

Another aspect to keep in mind is that they can be combined perfectly with other elements or styles to create some combinations of the most striking. In addition, they are always very striking for the harmony they represent and the cleanliness of their lines and paths.