Flor Vigna Tattoo – Surprised her followers with a giant tattoo on her leg The actress showed the creation process, but made it clear that it was something temporary

“What if I don’t like the way it looks?” “What if I regret it later?” This and many other questions are surely the ones Flor Vigna asked herself when thinking about getting a large tattoo. That is why she first decided to try the henna technique, which is an alternative for those who do not dare to permanent tattoos and which is done with pigments that rest on the surface of the skin. They usually last only a few weeks on the skin.

In this way, Nico Occhiato’s girlfriend decided to draw a snake on part of her tail and left leg, and thus published it on Instagram. “Cartoon of @camoeva”, she wrote along with a video that shows it. Flor Vigna tattoo artist went for more and she commented: “Bring the needle, the next one is real hahaha what model.” The actress also received comments from several of her colleagues, such as Stefi Roitman, who wrote to her: “What a fire.” Natalia Oreiro, on her part, also said her thing: “What a bomb! Love for snakes (says one) ”. In her stories, the former Combate also published the images of the process.

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It is not the first time that show figures have made such a daring tattoo on that part of the body. The one who has a similar design is Florencia Peña, who in her case did it with permanent ink. The former Married with children had made a huge spiral in part of a gluteus three years ago and Sabrina Rojas was the first to follow in her footsteps.

Last November, Luciano Castro’s wife showed on Instagram how the floral design that was made on one of her thighs was. “I can’t stop looking at it,” she confessed in one of her stories, proud of having encouraged herself to get a Flor Vigna tattoo. Fernando Colombo was in charge of making this striking tattoo on the side of the waist and part of the buttock.

At work, Vigna continues as a digital host on Masterchef Celebrity, a program that she is reaching the final stages, and personally, she strengthens her courtship with Occhiatto. Even at the end of December they both enjoyed a paradisiacal vacation in Mexico, where they not only took the opportunity to rest but also to celebrate the birthday of the driver of Todo mayo, on Channel 9. “Happy birthday to the kid from Ramos who is eating the world with his creativity, his doing and his love. Passionate Capricorn, I want you to fulfill all your goals surrounded by family and friends who love you as you always did. Happy 28th ”, she wrote along with a short and tender video in which he hugs her and she caresses her face.

On January 6, Occhiato had given an exclusive interview to Teleshow, where he had spoken about his relationship with the former Bailando. “With Flor we never stop loving each other. We always did good to each other. We empower ourselves in our personal projects. We have fun together. We are very companions. That is important. They both had the chance to have a few days, in a hectic year for her too, who had a lot of work and we don’t doubt it. We knew that she was going to help us recharge our batteries to face whatever was coming, “said Nico. And he made a caveat: “We had never traveled together before. We had not had the chance to coordinate dates ”.

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