Flower tattoo: a classic tattoo

Many people who wish to be tattooed choose the flower tattoo as a model. The reasons are easy to decipher: it is a motive which will be found beautiful at all ages, and from which, therefore, one grows weary. This is not the case, for example, with declarations of love to your boyfriend, or with more “subversive” tattoos (skulls), testimonies of a rebellious spirit Sometimes with adolescence.

The characteristics of flower tattoo

The floral motifs are generally bright in color, and occupy a relatively large space, in order to distinguish them. Indeed, these are rather complex drawings, since one must be able to admire the details of the flower: petals, stem … That being said, the main characteristic of flower tattoo is that it actually intersects a Variety of different patterns.

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They can be blue orchids or red roses, flowers more stylized in black and white, or even carnivorous plants.

The Meanings of Flower Tattoo

One often hears the language of flowers: for example, the red rose signifies passionate love. Naturally, a Flower tattoo carries the same meaning as a real flower. Here is a short summary of the meaning symbolized by the most common flowers, depending on the message you want to convey:

You are in love: wear your flame with of course the rose, but also orchids (absolute passion), primrose (first love), honeysuckle (fidelity), violet (secret love), or even the Colchic (jealousy).
You prefer friendship: to express it, choose glycine (friendship), begonia (cordiality), or peony (sincerity).
On the contrary, you were disappointed by the loved one? Show it through anemone (rupture), water lily (coldness), yellow rose (deception), gentian (pain and contempt), or periwinkle (sadness).
You want to celebrate your own qualities, or those you prefer in others? Bring a magnolia (strength and dignity), an amaryllis (pride), a camellia (perfect beauty), or a blueberry (shyness).
You simply swim in happiness? Some flowers express it, like the iris (good news), the lily of the valley (chance), the gold button (joy), or the sunflower (dazzle).

Where do you make a flower tattoo?

The patterns of flowers always have their little effect, no matter where they are placed. However, the message conveyed changes depending on the part of the body where you are tattooed.

Thus, the symbol of a loving feeling will be amplified if it is drawn on the heart.

If it is desire, the lower back is all indicated.

On the other hand, we prefer the shoulders or the arms for the symbols of strength, or if we want to make his tattoo visible.

For a more discreet (and smaller) tattoo, the ankles or the neck should be chosen. Finally, the more adventurous will eventually be able to tattoo a flower on the face, for example on the side of the cheek.