Franck Leboeuf’s tattoo on the thigh and neck

Former international footballer Franck Leboeuf has at least one tattoo. The former central defender of the France Football team, world champion in 1998, former libero of Chelsea or Olympique de Marseille is part of the tribe of celebrities tattooed.

Franck Leboeuf’s Tattoo Design

In particular,Franck Leboeuf’s tattoo on the thigh, which represents the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses, can be admired in the reality show Koh Lanta, the shock of the heroes, which passes in 2010 on TF1, and opposes former candidates who made the big hours of the Successful show, to big champions more or less retired like Djamel Bourras, Frédérique Jossinet or Gwendal Peizerat.

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As part of the show, Franck Leboeuf, who after involuntarily releasing in an interview information that he would have won the show Koh Lanta 2010, has regularly revealed during his episodes Franck Leboeuf’s tattoo in thigh, He did not have when he was still professional footballer, as well as a round tattoo on the neck, before being lamentably deminated in the second episode …

Converted to Buddhism after a long quest for spirituality following certain trials of life like the loss of his father or his divorce, Franck Leboeuf chose an Egyptian tattoo motif, relating to a culture very focused on the religious and spiritual aspect of life. However, he did not reveal the deep meaning of this pharaoh tattoo and what it represents to his eyes