Galaxy tattoos – the last frontier of space exploration

The truth is that going back to the topic of the tattoos related to space you can think that I am somewhat obsessed with this type of Galaxy tattoos. And you do not lack truth! They are a type of tattoo that, since I have interest in this body art have always caught my attention. It will be because they invite you to dream or that your only limit is the imagination of the tattoo artist himself to make the design.

Whatever it is, Galaxy tattoos have always been at the top of my list of preferences for future tattoos. And this time, I would like to focus on the Galaxy tattoos. In the small plot we occupy within our galaxy, the Milky Way, our cosmic “neighbors” would find themselves in the galaxy of Andromeda, the closest it is to Earth.

Galaxy tattoos artistic image

Without a doubt, the tattoos of space and, in this case of galaxies, allow us to evoke the exploratory and creative character that we all carry within. A tattoo idea for artists or people who define themselves as “dreamers”. And is that they transmit a great beauty and artistic image.

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As for Galaxy tattoos designs, creating abstract shapes and combining vivid, eye-catching colors with dark, muted tones is key. Moreover, in some cases we can see that to create “galaxies” usually uses a style of tattoo very similar to the so-called watercolor (watercolor) of which we have already spoken on occasion. In short, the designs of Galaxy tattoos must be totally personal and in which the tattoo artist let his imagination fly.

Pictures of Galaxy tattoos


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