Ganesha tattoo represent

Ganesha tattoo, one of the most known gods of Hinduism. With an elephant’s head and a human body, he is considered a god of good luck and protection.
In another article we talk about the tattoos of Buddha, today we review other tattoos of religious inspiration, those of Ganesha tattoo.

Ganesha or Ganesh what does it Represent?

  • One of the most worshiped gods of the Hindu religion, represents protection wisdom and avoyentador of obstacles. Ganesha is the son of Shiva, the destroying god. Ganesha arouses much devotion especially in areas of India and Nepal.
  • This god has been worshiping for millennia. Ganesha emerged as deity during Gupta’s empire between 240 and 550 AD. Already in the ninth century a cult of devotees identified Ganesha as the supreme deity.
  • In Indian art Ganesha is a popular figure, his representations evolve over time. There are more than thirty representations of Genesha, you can see him dancing, standing or fighting demons. Generally holds in one of his hands a delicacy and the other hand raised. However in other representations Genesha has four arms as we see in the lower drawing.

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The Legend of Genesha

Legends surround the gods, in this case they say that Ganesha was created using water and ashes but Shiva his father and at the same time god destroyer took his life. Genehsa apparently did not allow her to see her mother and the god Shiva angrily cut off her head. The desolate mother asked her husband to return the life to his son. So Shiva sent for the first head to be found on the road. It was that of an elephant and therefore the god Genehsha has a human body and an elephant’s head.

They are described in the Mudgala Purana. First Genesha uses a shrew, then a lion like Vakratunda, then a peacock like Vikata and Shesa, then a divine serpent like Vighnaraja. Ganesha is shown to me as a horse or with the presence of the shrew or rat.

The fact of appearing as a rat or shrew is not interpreted pejorative, but symbolizes for Hindus the desire to overcome challenges and stop being selfish, as a test of humility and wisdom. No doubt the rat is seen as a destructive plague, the fact that Ganesha reincarnated in a rat was a test to subdue these animals.

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