Ganesha tattoo – The Hindu deity

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In my last article I was talking about the main symbols of Buddhist tattoos. An interesting compilation in which we analyzed different aspects of this religious cult that has a great acceptance within the world of the tattoo. However, and if we have to add to the list of the most popular religious cults in this world, we would undoubtedly have to speak of Hinduism. In this case, we will speak of one of his most popular deities Ganesha tattoo.

Within Hinduism. Ganesha is the god of all men. Present in the vast majority of Indian households (whether rich or poor), it is one of their most popular deities. It is a zoomorphic deity. Combine an elephant’s head with the body of a human. In addition to being the god of all men, he is also defined as the master of success and the destroyer of material as well as spiritual obstacles.

Ganesha tattoo represent

On the other hand, Ganesha is also associated with commerce and erudition. The most common thing is to find him represented next to a snake that is placed around his neck, waist, ankles or hands. This aspect details the transformation of energies going up through all the chakras.

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In Hindu mythology, there are numerous stories about the origins of Ganesha. Among the most curious is that it was an infant with a head injury that could kill him. The first animal that appeared by his place was an elephant, so the infant killed him and seized his head.

Lastly, we will emphasize that Ganesha also stands out for being a destroyer of pride, vanity and selfishness. Which we need to eliminate all human beings in a definitive way. And you, do you like Ganesha tattoo? Share your opinion with us.

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