Getting an ankle tattoo

Discreet and inexpensive, the ankle tattoo can be a good alternative to discover the world of tattooing. Follow our tips and discover some ideas to achieve your ankle tattoo.

The ankle tattoo is one of the most practiced in women. Sexy and attractive, the tattoo on an ankle with fine attachments has a sensual side marked by femininity and eroticism especially when it extends on the foot which women use to highlight their femininity. This area lends itself perfectly to the tattoo most often performed at the joint of the foot and the leg, which it underlines like a jewel or an ankle bracelet.

Placed on the ankle, the tattoo offers the advantage of being masked if the circumstances require it. During a professional interview where the sight of a tattoo may not be appreciated, it is easy to hide this little fantasy under pants, shoes or opaque tights. In the same way, the ankle is the ideal area for a first tattoo (as well as the tattoo wrist) and avoids the regrets after a few years of a tattoo realized in his youth on a place can not be seen .
You should know that the tattoo is indelible and that the tastes evolve with age. A nice graphics, discreet and elegant on an ankle is a choice that remains judicious especially when it is a first tattoo.

What are the motives for an ankle tattoo?

There is no lack of patterns, animals, classic and timeless, such as butterflies, frogs, salamanders, dolphins …. Flowers with roses, tiare flower or hibiscus, tribal tattoos or Polynesian motifs.
The best way to do this is to choose a small size pattern, symbolic for the one wearing the tattoo, inspire you with a drawing that you liked, a given name translated into a particular dialect, and all that will have for you A real meaning.

Is the ankle tattoo painful?

As a rule, the ankle tattoo is almost painless provided that the stitched area is not too thin. Since pain is very subjective, it is difficult to quantify it. However, the most sensitive area is the malleolus, on the outer side, localized by a bone ball under the skin. The top of the foot from the ankle is also a painful place to tattoo because of the nerve endings located on this area. The one at the start of the calf, at the bottom of the leg, offers a thicker skin and less prone to pain.

A small tattoo without the use of many colors will be realized in a single session and any pain will have completely disappeared in 48 hours.

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What price for an ankle tattoo?

You can have a tattoo ankle for 60 euros and up to 100 euros maximum. The price varies according to the pattern, the size, the colors used and especially the tattoo artist!

Do not rush to the first pharmacy, ask for information from several tattoo artists and take the opportunity to take a look at the apparent hygiene, ask questions, and be very demanding about cleanliness.
A good tattoo artist will advise you one reason rather than another or advise against one that you might regret one day …