Getting tattoo on the wrist

The tattoo has become for a few years a trend fashion and fashion for women as for men. Women will instead choose patterns with fine, more discreet features such as a tattoo on the wrist, or on hidden parts of their bodies. While the gentlemen will be able to authorize more expressive and visible patterns, signs of their manhood!.

Historically, tattooing was mostly practiced in the South Pacific tribes. In the Maori civilization, ranging from New Zealand to Polynesia, it is called, Moko. Its meaning is symbolic and legendary. It was supposed to give magical powers, it was also a mark of distinction in the ethnic hierarchy. We find this ritual practice among the Japanese, another typical form of tattooing linked to this culture. Then, punitive tattooing, as social marking in civilizations, a degrading and forced form, of which, the tattooing of registers during the Second World War.

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Starting tattoo with a tattoo on the wrist

Doing a tattoo should not be a trivial gesture. It is in principle indelible. So think carefully before getting started! Choose the part of the body you want to tattoo and think well about the motive you are going to choose. Once safe of his choice, you can start with a wrist tattoo.
The wrist is a relatively visible part of the body, it combines well the desire to show his tattoo or to hide it. Indeed, mentalities evolve but it is still recommended in some trades not to display this kind of aesthetics!
However, some tricks and subterfuges will temporarily hide your tattoo wrist, by a long-sleeved shirt, bracelets, watch etc.

What are the motives for a wrist tattoo?

Many patterns are available in professional tattoo artists. A wrist tattoo with an ethnic, animal, plant or symbolic sign. Lizard, dolphin, flowers, first names of your little friend or a sign that carries an emotional meaning for you.

The tattoo on the wrist is no more painful than on another part of the body. The less sensitive areas are the parts that contain muscle, they dampen the vibrations of the machine better.

The choice of your tattoo artist must be done with attention. You have the right to ask any questions that you think are important. In this respect, the hygiene conditions must be irreproachable, the tattooist must be listening to you, he must also know how to advise you and guide you to achieve a nice tattoo on the wrist that corresponds to your personality.

Some ideas for a tattoo on the wrist:


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