Girls kitchen decor – Space Saving Ideas

Girls kitchen. Today we want to show you really great ideas for the decoration of small girls kitchen, functional and practical designs that get the most out of reduced space kitchens, do not miss our selection of forty-nine images of girls kitchen and take example of the trends of decoration.

Girls kitchen decor

In the image above we can see a charming girls kitchen design decorated with some elements of vibrant tones. The intense green that appears on the wall, hanging lamp and some smaller objects really get open and illuminate this small kitchen, it is a very modern design.
The original kitchen design that we can see below presents some notes of industrial style combined with rustic wooden furniture in the purest Breton style. This is a design belonging to Stewart Applegath for a seaside cottage called Eagle Pass, located on the Island of Cape Breton in Canada.

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Independent shelves can be quite useful in small girls kitchens. These can be placed according to our needs to be able to facilitate the movement and the access to the kitchen utensils. Above we can see a model of kitchen in which the shelves play a primordial role; Thanks to them the vertical space has been used efficiently to store all kinds of objects.

In this design we can also see elements of a remarkable rustic style; The wood, although worked, shows a rough aspect that combined with the stone of the dashboard and the countertop make an impressive look, the natural materials and of first quality will make that the meals here acquire another flavor, undoubtedly.

An ethnic type decoration may be very appropriate in the kitchen. Some travel memories with pictures of the most typical of each different place can give a special character to our kitchen. A colorful accent on the wall of the tiled dashboard can also completely transform the look of the kitchen to give it that traditional touch.

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The lamps in the kitchen, as we can see in the image above, can become that decorative element that stands out in the environment. A pendant ceiling lamp can be the perfect solution if we want to give our kitchen a distinctive touch as long as it is adequate and provides enough light in the kitchen.

Now we leave you with the rest of the images of decoration designs of girls kitchen, in them you can find more interesting ideas to apply in your home, do not miss the tour and remember that if you want to continue learning the latest trends in the world of interior design, You should not stop visiting our website, we hope you.

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