Gothic letters tattoo examples of very original tattoo

Gothic letters tattoo are one of the most sought after styles. A letter that leads us to think of a very old age, which has left us a legacy in the form of inspiration. So much so, that when we think of a tattoo with letters, the great part will carry a style like the one we show you today.

Once chosen the Gothic letters tattoo that will compose our design, we will have to take a second step. Will it be a proper name ?. Or perhaps, we will decant for an original and profound phrase ?. Undoubtedly, there are several options to take into account and all of them with a result more than astonishing. If you are still hesitating, do not miss the examples that follow!

Gothic letters tattoo for proper names

Tattoos with a proper name are very common. In them, some people decide to bring their own, although we have also seen how that special person can be the protagonist. It is always advised that if you are going to tattoo your partner’s name, it is more than serious. It is not the first time someone has tattooed the name of her boyfriend or girlfriend and before long, she has to change it or make a cover up.

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Be that as it may, when we choose a name it has to carry a lot of symbolism in it. Parents and other family members are a good choice, to wear on our skin. All of them can be tattooed in capital letters, which are really the most used when we speak of Gothic letters, but also in lowercase letters. Similarly, you can complete each name with a simple layout. In this case, it is always in black ink to add that originality that Gothic fashion also carries.

Phrases tattooed with Gothic letters

If you think that one word is not enough, for what you have in mind, you can always resort to phrases. First let’s think where we’re going to look. This is the most important thing, since it will affect how long that phrase is. That is why many people choose to tattoo their arms when they choose a long phrase. The forearm is usually one of the areas most in demand. Of course the back is not far behind.

In addition to this, we return to see how the designs continue to surprise us. Some of them have a shading that intensifies each one of the letters, however, others, take it to the more subtle terrain, leaving some letters finer but always with much originality. If you like eye-catching and decorated tattoos, we re-mark the design as some paths, which can come from the letters, or background.

Designs of Gothic letters

If you are looking for some original Gothic letters, here we show you your best designs. Undoubtedly, they are letters that have a very ornate finish. For the most part, the irregularity in its lines is also evident. Rarely are the straight lines chosen and the circular ones. Of course when we talk about Gothic style, nothing like adding some elements that make it more special. In this case, it is about completing each letter with a rose. Definitely a good choice for all lovers of this style.

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Because it does not always gothic, it has to be related to the darker world. Sometimes, there are always options for all tastes. That is why we dare to see some designs in full color. Maintains the essence of each letter, but with a different shine. Likewise, roses also continue to pose on the initials for tattooing. Although, again we speak of a more vibrant tones than the previous ones.

Finally, the most terrifying spirit invades us. Maybe because soon Halloween will come and we are already thinking about it. Here is another great example for a tattoo with these types of letters. Because they say that in the originality is the taste. A letter where roses can not miss, in deep red color and the brushstrokes of blood in each one of them. As we can always see there are examples and ideas of the most varied. This way, if you are passionate about Gothic letters tattoo, you will surely find the design of your dreams.