Gray and White Kitchen – The 50 most current designs

Gray and white kitchen. Today we want to talk about a very current trend; The gray and white kitchen. A combination of shades that does not compromise the character of the environment can be the perfect solution for busy places such as kitchens, do not miss these fifty designs of gray and white kitchen and take inspiration from the most modern kitchens of this season, here begins our journey.

Gray and white kitchen design

The white color is chosen in many occasions for the decoration and the design of smaller spaces since it helps to intensify the illumination and provides a feeling of greater amplitude. If we also choose a furniture with simple lines and minimalist as we can see above we will be taking more advantage of the space available in our kitchen.
The vintage style and kitchen furniture with retro accents are the second of our suggestions for the design of your gray and white kitchen. Above we can see an original set of furniture in gray laminated wood. The finish of the furniture presents some decorative details that give a very traditional and elegant look.

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Choosing a color for a kitchen decor is not as easy as you might think. Before choosing the color palette you have to choose a style and then you should think about the functionality. Gray, however, is a very versatile color, able to adapt to a variety of styles and spaces. Gray kitchen cabinets, for example, look stylish in most situations and help give the room a balanced look.

Gray and white kitchen furniture can transform a kitchen design, adding character, individuality and elegance. Gray and white kitchens are proving to be very successful. The tone is important too, even within the gray family, the warm ones create a different feel to shades of bluish gray with slate base, for example.

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To create a subtle contrast, two different tones of the same calm color tend to work best on three- or four-piece cabinets. An island painted in a deeper color or contrasting with that of the wall cabinets will make it a focal point within a gray environment. Lower kitchen cabinets in darker shades help design and prevent it from looking too heavy. For a stronger contrast, think of light and dark. Too much intense color can make a room appear smaller, so you may want to balance things with neutral floors and walls.

The natural wood elements will add warmth to cool gray and white kitchen, and equally a grayish white natural stone floor can cool an ardent palette. As in nature, earthy browns, grays and colors of sand blend harmoniously. Cool grays look good with stainless steel, and brightly colored accents such as small appliances and stools will help lift the mood.

Then we leave you with the rest of images of gray and white kitchen of our gallery, from them you will be able to take useful ideas and the inspiration that you look for your own designs, we hope you like them.

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