Great tattoos for men idea

Here are some of the most great tattoos for men (with images and their meaning). You are considering a tattoo but you remain undecided. There are more masculine patterns than others and we have highlighted those that are most successful today. There are no great tattoos for men, each with a unique personality, shaped by its genetic heritage and its history, and the particular tastes born of these traits. We just hope that this list will help you find the motive that’s right for you. Take time to reflect, because this tattoo will accompany you for a long time …

Great tattoos for men design

Lion and Tiger Tattoo

Many men get tattoos of tigers, lions, panthers or leopards. These felines represent strength, nature in the wild, the animal instinct that dwells within us. In addition, these cats symbolize the independence and solitude that some people accept (exception perhaps for the lion, more social animal, who lives within a clan).

Death and Clock Tattoo

Among the most great tattoos for men, we wanted to feature the skull, versatile and rich in meaning. It represents the ephemeral and the vulnerability of each one. Mexican skulls (on the right in the photo) are a more colorful and joyful variation of the theme.
In general, we add another element, complementary: a watch to symbolize the time that passes, a rose, a snake …

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Tattoo of Stars

The star is a motif that suits both women and men. Their meaning is ancient and is found in many civilizations. The man used the stars to travel, discover the world and arrive safely. In this sense, the star is often the bearer of good fortune. We often speak of a good star.

Snake Tattoo

The serpent worries and disturbs. And for good reason, it often symbolizes the threat when it is representing all fangs outside. But everything will depend on the motive, for it can also symbolize medicine and healing, the struggle between good and evil …

Polynesian Tattoo

Tribal tattooing is associated with Maori culture. Its aesthetic resides in its symmetrical, geometric and ordered motifs. It is abstract or regroup several symbols: the tiki, shells, tortoise …

Celtic Tattoo

Celtic tattoos have a great success with the French. Celtic knots, Celtic crosses, Triqueta, Triskel, Claddagh and Arwen are some of the recurring motifs in Celtic culture. We recommend the article What is the meaning of Celtic tattoos for more information on the subject.

Marine Tattoos

The sailors have their own themes: the sea, at the same time a source of dangers and benefits, but also the boat, the compass, the rose of the winds, the lighthouse or the anchor. In this universe loaded with symbolic, you will surely find a good tattoo idea.

Cross Tattoo

The cross is not just a religious symbol, reserved for Christianity. It has been represented throughout the world for centuries (Egyptians, Celts, Asian Cultures etc.). If it is true that it symbolizes the connection of the terrestrial world to the spiritual world, it is possible to give it other meanings.

Bird Tattoo

The tattoos of birds have many meanings: the owls, the eagle or the phoenix are so many different symbols. The owl represents wisdom, the eagle the strength and the phoenix perseverance.

Tree Tattoo

The tree is an old symbol. It represents life in the broad sense (cf. tree of life), but also maturity or wisdom (like the owl). It can also represent beauty (see Japanese cherry tree). Again, this tattoo is full of symbols.

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos symbolize acquired or desired qualities, but also defects observed that one would like to overcome or with which one has to compose. The symbols are borrowed from flora and fauna, but also from Japanese folklore (devil, sacred object, hero …)

Viking Tattoos

The Vikings were pagan Scandinavian traders who lived from the eighth century to the eleventh century, but also pirates, warriors and frequent travelers. Traces of the Viking presence in Canada, around the year 1000 (Vinland), were found long before the expeditions of Christopher Columbus and the Great Voyages of the Renaissance. Strength and courage were their cardinal virtues.

Tattoo of triangle

The triangle is a geometric figure that emerged with the first human civilizations. Several religions and schools of thought have made their symbol. You will find today insurance companies, financial institutions or law firms adopting the triangle for logo. But the triangle is also and above all a versatile motif that can be married to other symbols to form an original and aesthetic tattoo