Gwada tattoo – the tattoo of the islands

Guadeloupe, an overseas department in the French West Indies, is an archipelago composed of two main main islands, Basse-Terre and Grande Terre, as well as smaller islands: Marie Galante, the desirade and the Trois îles des Saints. The exoticism of the Guadeloupe Islands and the artistic and cultural Gwada, named after the young people of the archipelago in Guadeloupe, are important sources of inspiration for a Gwada tattoo style.

Gwada tattoo ideas

The very rich cultural heritage Gwada, linked in particular to the musical style reggaeton or to the Dance hall, and to the frescoes Caribbean, attracts more and more the followers of the tattoo. Inking on her skin signs of cultural belonging or identity is indeed very common. Nothing surprising therefore to find many patterns of tattooing of the islands on the skin of young Guadeloupeans and Guadeloupeans eager for an identity search on the margins of the metropolis.

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The gwada tattoo style consists of exotic motifs related to animals or common flowers of the Antilles, tattooing the map of Guadeloupe, which is a symbol that is often found even in metropolis, in the form of pendants, Visuals on trendy clothes, T-shirts, caps, on the covers of artists of Caribbean origin, whether in rap or hip hop, or in traditional music Gwada.

Among the most common gwada tattoo designs are the hummingbird tattoo, the hibiscus flower tattoo and of course the map of Guadeloupe. These three motifs are often associated in one and the same tattoo.