Halloween Tattoos: Pumpkins, Witches and Monsters

Halloween Tattoos. If the Halloween party does not have the same popularity in France as in Anglo-Saxon countries, its imagery remains strongly used: pumpkins, witches, black cats, monsters and ghosts come out of the drawers every year on October 31st. Mainly commercial: shop windows, restaurants, bars, the Halloween party is mainly a good opportunity to thematize student evenings, concerts or shows.

Halloween Tattoos Ideas

This falls well, the visual side very taking of the theme of halloween makes it the perfect party to dress up, decorate a room, or why not get Halloween Tattoos! Indeed, this imagery that strongly appeals to the imaginary is very popular for tattoo motifs.

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Inherited from the Celts (Ireland, Great Britain, Northern Gaulle) populations who celebrated the New Year on November 1st, and thus the end of the year to October 31st, Halloween, formerly Saman in Old Gaelic, is historically the time when ghosts , Goblins, monsters, wolves or witches and other ghouls can re-become visible on the earth on the evening of October 31, thanks to the opening of a breach between the world of the living and that of the dead.

Abused by decades of religious wars, this pagan festival that celebrated the transition from the dark winter period to the luminous period of summer and harvesting became a national holiday in the united states towards the end of the 19th century, with The traditions consisting of children disguising themselves to go and beg for sweets, threatening to throw bad spells at those who would not give them: “Trick or treats”.

As for the decorative pumpkins, cut out with frightful grimaces and collecting a lantern, they would come from a very old Irish account, that of Jack O’lantern, a miserly and alcoholic farrier who played the devil in the ‘ Preventing him from taking his soul in spite of a pact concluded with him. At his death, unable to go to heaven or hell, Jack O’lantern is condemned to wander in the dark, with a simple lamp sculpted in a turnip to find his way. Turnip, which during the massive exodus of Irish to the US in the 19th century, was replaced by the local cucurbitacea of ??the new world: the pumpkin, easier to carve.

The pumpkin has thus become the main symbol of Halloween. Very visual, with its flashy colors bright orange and green, it allows to realize colorful Halloween Tattoos very sympathetic, and that can easily juggle between a fun side and a more horrifying part.


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