Heart tattoo in a strange place

The Heart tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in the world. Whether it is one of the real hearts or the way we draw it when we are teenagers and in love, both are pleasing to the eye and beautiful, red and flashy.

Heart tattoo design

The design of a Heart tattoo is so simple that it can become very small and wherever we want. Like the woman in the picture above who did it in a common place, like the back of the neck, but is extremely small, and that fortunately, with the passage of time will not get ugly.

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But what I’m going to present is a Heart tattoo in a strange place, which I honestly do not understand very well, but I do not judge it.

Here you have it, then. The girl who made it does not have a specific reason to get this design in this particular place, she simply says that she likes tattoos in rare and random places like this, so she spontaneously did it and ready. The result was this:

After all, the Heart tattoo has been very well. Although I still do not understand why.

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