Hip Tattoos Design

The Hip Tattoos is a tattoo that allows many variations, both visual and meaning. The hip is a wide body part that calls for large-sized pattern at impressive visual impact. The hip is a place of the body that allows tattooing of original and widespread patterns.

Different location for a tattoo are accessible on the hip, rather down in the hollow of the kidneys, on the front and the belly or the top and the odds. If the lower back or the thighs are parts of the body very often tattooed, the tattoo on the hip is less commonly chosen and has a very erotic and secret connotation.

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The area of ??the hip and odds is quite painful to tattoo, the skin being very fine in places. The extended surface is ideal for inking large, tightly wrapped patterns with tattoos that rise up the body, sometimes wrapping around the thigh to the chest or shoulder blade. The Hip Tattoos is more and more appreciated, especially for women, who are always more numerous to choose the delicacy and the sexy side of the Hip Tattoos.

Hip Tattoos – A delicate, discreet and sexy tattoo

The difficulty of finding an original tattoo motif on the hip makes it a tattoo style still original and confidential: As for the back or chest, tattooing on the hip requires a lot of research on the tattoo model. Easy to hide in most cases, especially at the professional level, the pattern remains very visible in a swimsuit for example: for a woman, bikinis low waisted trousers leave it regularly exposed, at least partially.

The tattoo on the hip must therefore often, in order to remain sexy and attractive, be realized in a style airy and untied, in order to keep a visual efficiency even when only a part is visible. The tattoo on the hip is often a call, a tattoo that is seen in its entirety only in front of the naked body.

Tattoos who have chosen the tattoo on the hip regularly describe it as a rather painful time, especially in the most sensitive areas of the body and the groin. The small thickness of the skin the little bone on this area make the needle stitches relatively painful. It is therefore aimed at the people least sensitive to tattoo pain, especially as the surface to cover and often extensive and the number of hours and sessions important.