Hippie tattoos, much symbolism and psychedelia

When we talk about hippie culture, it is clear that there are almost infinite aspects and topics of debate about it. However, it is clear what interests us. Today, we want to talk a little bit about the different types of hippie tattoos. And is that behind these types of tattoos we have a great symbolism as well as meaning along with a certain psychedelia.

Hippie tattoos – peace symbol

Obviously when we talk about hippies tattoos, there is one that stands out above the rest. The tattoo of the peace symbol. Because of its meaning, history and recognition over the last few centuries, this symbol is chosen by many people when it comes to getting some type of tattoo or to combine it with someone else.

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The symbol of peace is a figure that has a circular shape with four points of which three points down. The rest does the same upwards. While the hippie culture has adopted its use, it really is a symbol created with a clear purpose. Opposition to nuclear energy. It was created in the United Kingdom in the year 1958. Throughout the history we can see some reference to this symbol although, today it has a clear representation: Peace and freedom.

As for other types of hippies tattoos that we can find if we do a simple search by internet, we have to talk about very psychedelic designs that combine very vivid colors and somewhat abstract forms. All of them with a single purpose, to provoke the so-called mystical experiences or to modify the way in which we perceive the reality in the day to day.