How much Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring? Your Own Rule would be Like This

How much should you spend on a wedding ring? Before saying a word like ‘will you marry me?’ When proposing someone, of course, there is a lot of preparation to be done. Talking more deeply about the budget, men sometimes encounter many problems. How much sould you spend on a wedding ring? Before deciding to buy or order it, at least they should understand some of the following things.

How much Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring Actually

The first will be related to lifestyle. High activity requires the ring to stay durable because it is used every day. Exactly, this should also be suited in accordance to the financial of each person. If someone does not have a problem with the budget, they can choose platinum because it is the most durable material even though the price is expensive. Regardless of the material, let’s try to determine the rule.

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The important thing is to think about the expectation compared to the financial situation. Men do not need to spend all their income. They must understand the potential income that will be used to buy the ring. It can be obtained after the monthly expenses and resave budget are achieved. No need to use the two months rule anymore because basically, it cannot be applied precisely for all people. Find your own rule.