How to Care for a Recent Tattoo

Choosing a good tattoo artist is essential to avoid taking risks while you get tattooed, but once that is completed the responsibility is yours to take care of the tattoo to facilitate healing and avoid infections. At we give you some tips on how to take care for a recent tattoo.

Care for a Recent Tattoo Tips

Do not remove plastic cover. When you have finished tattooing, the skin wound will be covered by an anti-bacterial gel and a plastic bandage. During the first few hours, it should not be removed, because it protects it from any germs and dirt that could affect it.

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Clean the tattoo after 3 hours. Then you can remove the plastic bandage and clean the blood, it is normal that the tattoo bleeds. For this, you will use antibacterial soap and warm or cold water. Do not rub, and do not use sponges; Do a gentle massage with your fingers and rinse.

Dry with a clean towel that does not leave a lint or a tissue paper, being careful not to leave anything.

Apply a moisturizer. Ideally, you should use a special tattoo cream, as these will promote faster healing, but if you do not have a cream, use a neutral cream to cool the area and soothe the itch.

Do not use petroleum jelly or oil. Although they are two very popular products, they are in no way advised.

Do not use clothes that can leave lint on the tattoo. The ideal is to dress with sleek and fresh clothes to aerate the tattoo.

Avoid sun exposure. During the first few days, you must avoid it completely, then you can slowly get in touch with the sun but gently. Cover it with clothes or protect it with a sunscreen.

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Do not scratch the tattoo. It is true that the itching is very unpleasant, but you should avoid scratching because the nails are very infectious and in addition you could tear off the skin crust and with it the color of the tattoo.