How to care of a tattoo

The appearance of a tattoo does not depend solely on the motive (originality and skill with which the tattoo artist has realized it). The process of care and healing of the tattoo is essential for it to be pretty in the long term, and that, it depends on you. It is essential to follow the tattoo artist’s instructions literally, but if something is not clear, or if you have forgotten some of what you were told, read this article macytee.com: Explain how to take care of a tattoo so that it is superb.

Care of a Tattoo must be carried

To make a tattoo, it is necessary to pierce the skin superficially in order to leave a pattern, an image that you will have chosen. That is why to take care of a tattoo, you must follow the same steps that you normally follow to facilitate the healing of any superficial wound. The care of the tattoo must be carried out with the same rigor and the same hygiene as for any lesion or wound.

The time it takes for a tattoo to heal will depend largely on the type of drawing and its size. The larger it will be, the more time it will take. But in a week, you will see that your tattoo has healed almost completely if you have applied the necessary care.

Hygiene and application of healing products should be done 2-3 times a day, every 8 hours, during the first week.

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Once the tattoo is done, you will have to wait between 2 and 5 hours to do the first care. Start by washing your hands thoroughly and then clean your tattoo with cold water and neutral soap without odor or fragrance. To wash, gently rub the area of the tattoo without using a sponge or other linen.
Although at first it can scare you, you will see that washing the tattoo will relieve you immediately.

To dry your tattoo, use a soft cotton towel very clean. Do not rub the area, gently place the towel over it so that it absorbs the water.

The final step care of a tattoo is to apply the healing product that your tattoo has recommended. Normally, he will propose the presentation in cream. In this case, apply a very thin coat and let dry before you put on clothes, as the fat of the cream could stain them.

To take care of your tattoo, you will have to repeat this procedure every 8 hours for a week. You will see how, day after day, the tattoo is disinflammed and is much prettier and healthier. If crusts are formed, do not tear them apart. Moreover, it is good to know that it is normal that as the tattoo heals, it stings a little. Try not to scratch yourself and resist it almost finished healing.

If, for whatever reason, your tattoo ignites, you stings a lot or seems infected, it is important that you go to see your tattooist to see if all is well. You can also ask for a medical opinion (or that of your pharmacist).


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