How to choose flowers for your marriage

Are you defining the choose flowers for your marriage and do not know where to start? Although our personal taste is always the decisive factor, in this article we present some aspects to take into account.

Choose flowers for your marriage ideas

The church or the municipality, the car, the hall of the reception or party, the flowers are present in all the scenes of a marriage and for that reason choosing them is not an easy task. They must combine with the bouquet, with the dress of the bride, they must also hold perfect all day and fall in love with the guests and of course, they must like the protagonists of the great day!.

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To help you a little with this arduous task, today we bring you some considerations that you have to assess when deciding which choose flowers for your marriage and plants will be part of the decoration of your marriage.

The season. The quality and appearance of seasonal flowers is incomparable to imported flowers. In addition it also supposes a great saving. Tulips, peonies and generally all bulbous plants are not out of season, spring. In cold weather we can have dahlias, gladioli, freesias, lily, roses and orchids.

The type of marriage. Roses, hydrangeas, camellias and paniculata are the star flowers of traditional ceremonies. The decorations will be voluminous and rich, but without exaggerating, looking for elegance and a chic touch. For a modern wedding the best are simple flowers, with few petals, such as orchids, lilies, tulips or daffodils, creating decorative structures with simple and delicate lines.

The style of marriage. For marriages in the countryside they are perfect for the use of wild flowers and aromatic plants. The color also plays a very important role in this type of ceremonies. In a marriage with romantic style typical of a fairy tale can not miss the white roses, peonies and paniculata.

Balance and uniformity. Finally, it is important to achieve balance and uniformity. Defining a common thread that relates all the elements of marriage will help you achieve that balance and uniformity. It is not necessary that all centerpieces or all decorative structures are the same. Just choose a color, for example.