How to decorate rooms in victorian style

If you are looking to change the decor of your room and you would like a romantic tone, Victorian-style decor is for you, because it combines the delicacy of the female wardrobe with vintage accessories such as crystal chandeliers and decorated with flowers wallpaper various pastels. If you apply the following tips to decorate rooms in Victorian style, you will achieve get a room with an elegant, romantic and feminine look.

Bedroom victorian style

Environmental Decoration

A key part of the Victorian decor is the use of patterns with flowers (large and small) and using the range of pastel colors. This premise holds for both the walls and decorate the floors, so you must use wallpaper, curtains and / or carpeting with these reasons. The idea is to get a female but both theatrical atmosphere, so that the color scheme should not miss the gold, bronze and wine tones.

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One of the most original accessories that you can add to your room to achieve a Victorian wave are porcelain dolls, most dolls of this type have the costumes of the time, so you’ll have an elegant adornment. Go ahead and put one of these dolls on a table as a central motif or accompanying a small lamp.

Objects that are decorated with flowers in pastel shades are welcome as part of the Victorian style, so you can use them. Clocks, lamps and other accessories with this design give the romantic touch to this kind of decoration.

It is critical that the bedding has the rule of floral and pastel colors, if you can not get it, you can choose to place pads that meet these characteristics. Similarly, fabrics with lace, embroidery or beads on the bed or any furniture will help.

Glass lamps are an essential part of Victorian decor; you can choose a big or small for the roof to the bedside lamp. The important thing is that they are sumptuous and various crystal ornaments.

Framed mirrors carved in bronze or silver colors are a classic choice for this style, if you have a large mirror can place a small (hand) on a table as part of the decor.

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Wooden furniture are ideal to achieve this style, the vanity should be decorated with delicate items like hand mirrors or glass containers and / or silver. If you have small tables can decorate with gold lace and fabrics or put some accessories like lamps or a porcelain doll.


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