How To Decorate Your Home Using An Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are the perfect accessory for your home. You can put them anywhere in your home and they will add character to any room. Whether you put it in your living room, hallway, TV room, or bedroom, they’ll certainly add that extra touch to your home. Accentuation chairs give style to a home, so not only are they functional to sit on, they are an addition that enhances everything that is placed around you.

Accent Chairs Design

How do you choose the best accent chairs? Well, it depends on the look you want to have and the environment you want to create. You can choose a modern, classic or eclectic style. In my case, I chose the accent chair because it definitely fits my taste. We could say that this chair spoke to me. I let my intuition go by and when I was in the store I figured it would be perfect on one side of this table and some small decorative items along with these red cushions to give that extra touch of color.

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There are no specific rules on how to place or decorate an accent chair, but here are some tips:

  • Put it in a cozy corner of the room
  • Use it as a companion chair for the couch
  • Set it up as a private reading area, with a small table and a lamp (as I did)
  • Personally, I think it looks cute when you put two accent chairs (with a small round table) at the foot of the bed
  • Use an accent chair as a seat in front of the fireplace (ideal for reading a book)
  • Use it as an interior decoration item (to complement other furniture)
  • Works great as a single chair in the hallway
  • Your balcony will look very attractive if you furnish with accent chairs (just be sure to cover them from rain or snow)

Finally, the last tips I can share is that you choose the right patterns. For example, if your sofa is solid color, I would complement a fun accent chair with many patterns and drawings. If your sofa is leather, then I would choose a chair with velvet, damask, cotton or wool.

I hope these tips will help you in your search for an accent chair. Enjoy it.