How to find the right design for your tattoo?

Caucasian mid-adult man’s arm with tattoo.

Find the right design for your tattoo! This is the thing that has been turning in your head for some time now. This is an understandable and, above all, logical doubt. No tattoo is more horrendous than one that was decided on a whim, after a night of partying or during a lost bet.

Choosing your tattoo style, the area of ??the body where you will place it and the tattoo artist who will take care of it, are very important themes. So you’re right to research and even talk about it. And if we start looking at the tracks you have to find the right design of your tattoo?

Design for your tattooA history of generations

Since tattooing is considered an art, there are different styles and different methods. It is a living art and therefore it evolves permanently. Regularly, new trends are emerging, new artists are breaking the canvas and yet classical methods and designs continue to exist and even to assert themselves with time.

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Old School is the term used to describe drawings that have been going on for several decades. His drawings are relatively simple in the sense that they use a minimum of color, the lines are often long and there is never really relief.

In contrast, we find the drawings of the New School. These are more elaborate illustrations where the richness of hues and shapes recall the pencil strokes of the best cartoonists. Shadows more or less pronounced emphasize these objects or characters with more marked traits.

We then saw the appearance “Fine Line” with the fineness of lines and colors and perfectly adapted to tattoos of reduced sizes. It is a style that women particularly enjoy. When you seek to find the right design for your tattoo, you will also see larger works that cover a large part of the body.

Many other techniques appeared later. The pointillist tattoo is a very particular art that possesses a certain elegance, especially since it is inspired directly by an artistic style that has upset the pictorial world, that of the Impressionists.

Design for your tattoo A desire elsewhere

Our site will guide you to find the right design for your tattoo. He’ll take you somewhere else. On other continents and among communities whose history is also perpetuated thanks to tattoos.

The Asian style sometimes called “Irezumi” is all easy to recognize. It reproduces forms of traditional Asian culture. Dragons, fish, samurai, geishas and other Buddhas intertwine in frozen movements. The colors are bright with a strong black tone.

The Polynesian style and tribal style come from the ancestral cultures of the Pacific and African communities. It is a tattoo style that is very fashionable at the moment and whose adaptations are numerous. It is recognized by its curved or straight lines, which represent animals in a very schematic way.
What if we went to the Celtics? Celtic tattoos can be very complex or very simple. Legends and symbols inspire most of the motives: crossed nimbus or Celtic cross mingle with mythological creatures. The dominant color is black, which is virtually exclusive.

Design for your tattooAn invisible tattoo

Tattoo artists are very different characters. Their own personal history and culture guides them to a style that they appropriate and evolve.
This is the time of abstract tattoos, which do not set limits and revisit all other artistic genres.

More amazing yet? The biomechanical style! It has not only its own codes of shapes and colors, but also its technique and its mixtures of materials. The ink is enriched with various particles to make it possible to create a surprising pattern.

At first glance, one might think that the tattoo sinks into the skin and hesitates between flying or penetrating more into the body. The literature of science Fiction and that of fantasy nourish the choice of motives.

Did you hear about invisible tattoos? No, it’s not a joke! Specialist tattooists have developed ultra violet ink tattoos. Perfect tattoos that are invisible during the day and show off during crazy nightclubs!.

Do not hesitate to visit our specialized site to discover tattoos representative of these styles and many others. You will surely find the right design for your tattoo!.