How to Hide a Tattoo With Makeup

Getting to Hide a Tattoo With Makeup can become a necessity at some point in your life. A simple drawing can give a false picture of you in a particular situation, for example, during a job interview. If you consider that it is part of you and you do not want to erase it definitively, makeup can be a good ally to temporarily hide it. So here is how to camouflage a tattoo with makeup.

Hide a Tattoo With Makeup Ideas

The first step is to acquire a good anti-ringer corrector and apply it on clean, dry skin. You will have to cover the entire tattoo, being not afraid to make up a larger area than that of the drawing itself.

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Then use a foundation on the tattoo. We advise you to use a spray because, if you are not careful, you can remove the layer of concealer.

The third step will allow you to conceal all the makeup. With a damp sponge, remove excess makeup and blend the edges.

Lastly, use a translucent compact powder that will give a more natural Hide a Tattoo With Makeup.