How to Make a Coffee Mask

A good cup of coffee is for many the only way to stay awake. For your skin, it is also a good solution: it seems more lively, more awakened and cooler. Creams and cosmetics that use caffeine as a key component of their formula are many, but you do not need them to fully enjoy the benefits of coffee.

Coffee Mask Benefit

What is a coffee mask for? Its properties are very much related to the benefits of caffeine and will help you bring your skin back to its radiance and vitality.

Another benefit of the coffee mask: deflate the face. It will be your best ally for the days when you sleep little or bad and wake up with your face slightly swollen.

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The ingredients you need are simple and can be found in any kitchen. Take a container in which to make the mixture, such as a cup, as well as a spoon, some water and leftover coffee you have prepared.

If you have an American coffeemaker, the coffee in the filter will serve you. If you have an Italian coffee maker, simply unscrew it and remove the leftovers from both sides of the coffeemaker. In short, you do not need liquid coffee to make this mask but leftover coffee you were going to throw away. When you think about it, this Coffee Mask is even ecological.

Mix the coffee with water. Remember that there must be more coffee than water because the result must have a texture closer to a cream or paste than a liquid. Some recipes replace water with milk for more hydration.

Once the mixture is finished, just apply it to your face, taking care that it does not come in contact with the eyes, and let it act for about 15 minutes.

Remove it with water and you will notice its effect immediately.



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